Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) Common Issues and Troubleshooting





You can find information on solving the common issues listed below in the Troubleshooting chapter of the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software User Guide:
  • Damaged RCS Data Files (RCS does not Start)
  • Connecting to an RCS behind a Firewall
  • Exit Code 88
  • Exit Code 110
  • Remote Connection to Intel® AMT Fails
  • Error with XML File or Missing SCSVersion Tag
  • Reconfiguration of Dedicated IP and FQDN Settings
  • Disjointed Namespaces
  • Disjointed Hostnames and AD Objects
  • Kerberos Authentication Failure
  • Error: Kerberos User is not Permitted to Configure.
  • Error: The Caller is Unauthorized.
  • Error when Removing AD Integration (Error in SetKerberos)
  • Failed Certificate Requests via Microsoft CA
  • Delta Profile Fails to Configure Wi-Fi Settings
  • Disabling the Wireless Interface
  • Configuration via Jobs Fails because of OTP Setting