Using ACUConfig Utility of Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) to Fix Expired Certificate





What am I seeing?
An expired TLS certificate can prevent you from executing Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) commands on the managed client.

What are methods I can use to fix the expired certificate?
Four ways fix the expired TLS certificate issue.

The first two methods are run on the Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) server through RCS:

  • ACUConfig MaintainViaRCSOnly RCSServer ProfileName AutoMaintain [/AdminPassword password ] {[/WMIUser username] [/WMIUserPassword password]}
  • ACUConfig MaintainViaRCSOnly RCSServer ProfileName ReissueCertificates [/AdminPassword password] {[/WMIUser username] [/WMIUserPassword password]}

The next two methods are run locally on the affected system (Intel AMT 7 or greater):

  • ACUConfig MaintainAMT fileName.xml AutoMaintain [/AdminPassword password] [/DecryptionPasswordpassword]
  • ACUConfig MaintainAMT fileName.xml ReissueCertificates [/AdminPassword password] [/DecryptionPassword password]

Can you give me definitions of the different parameters?

Command-Line Parameter Definition
SyncNetworkSettings Maintenance Task that Synchronizes network settings of the Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) device as defined in the NetworkSettings tag of the Configuration Profile
AutoMaintain Runs all the maintenance tasks required for current Intel AMT–based device from the following task list [SyncAMTTime, SyncNetworkSettings, ReissueCertificates, RenewADPassword, RenewAdminPassword]
RCSServer RCS server address
ProfileName Configuration Profile name used by SCS to configure the Intel AMT–based device
fileName.xml XML file containing Configuration Profile used to configure the Intel AMT–based device
/WMIUser username The name (in the format domain\username) of a user with WMI permissions on the computer running the RCS. This parameter is only required when running the Configurator under a user without WMI permissions on the RCS computer.
/WMIUserPassword password The password of the WMI user
/AdminPassword password The current password of the default Digest admin user defined in the Intel AMT–based device