TA-964-1: Data Loss Potential with Intel® RAID Controllers and Intel® RAID Modules When Encryption Enabled





Intel has discovered a potential data loss issue when using Disk Encryption RAID Controllers or Controllers/Modules when attached Self Encrypting Drives contain data and a AXXRPFKDE Activation Key is Added and/or Encryption is enabled.

This affects customers that do not encrypt their self encrypting hard drives prior to Operating System installation or Data Storage use. Data may become unavailable when an unsecured logical volume is secured after initial creation and data is deployed onto the disk.

Enabling Drive Encryption prior to installation of an Operating System, partition creation or Data Storage usage will eliminate this potential data concern. A firmware update is also available to eliminate this concern.

Products affected:

  • RS2BL080DE
  • RS2PI008DE
  • RS2BL080
  • RS2BL040
  • RS2PI008
  • RS2MB044
  • RS2SG244
  • RS2WG160
  • RS2MH080

See the Technical Advisory below for more detail and corrective action/resolution details.

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Date: October 2010

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