Version History of Intel® Small Business Advantage


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The tables below lists the version history of Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA).

Version 4.0
Released September 2015

Feature Description
Operating system support Supported in Windows® 10, Windows 8.1*, and Windows 7*
New applications Now includes chat, file share, and screen share features
Password recovery Administrator password recovery now supported
Intel® Small Business Companion Keeps users connected to the business across all of their non-SBA devices by allowing them to use collaboration features like chat, file share and screen share. Supported on Windows, Android* and iOS*.

Version 3.0
Released June 2014

Feature Description
Chipset support Updated chipset support
Software updates Software updates for Intel SBA are now processed by the Intel® Update Manager. This is a stand-alone application that automatically checks for updates of Intel software every 15 days.
Software Monitor enhancements Default software list for Software Monitor has been updated.

Version 2.2
Released July 2013

Feature Description
Operating system support Support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 added

Version 2.0
Released April 2013

Feature Description
Customized installer

The new Intel SBA Customization Wizard includes the ability to create a stand-alone Intel SBA executable including SBA installation, localized settings, ITP ID, and all other customizations. Resellers can now create a “light” installer that creates customization-only packages for overlaying customizations on top of an existing build – great for resellers and great for post-sale customization. This executable can also be posted to websites, recovery media, or directly distributed to customers.

Customization Wizard no longer requires SBA to be installed In the previous releases, Intel SBA SW had to be pre-installed on the system before it was possible to install Intel SBA Customization Wizard. This Intel SBA Customization Wizard can be installed on any Windows 7 or Windows 8* system, and the customized build can be deployed to other systems.
New localization options This Intel SBA Customization Wizard now includes two new windows that allow entering translations for all the customized text fields. The translations that are entered in these fields are automatically added into the relevant XML files for each language that is selected for translation during the customization process.
Export and import Settings A new option was added that enables the user to export settings and then import those settings into the other computers in his business. This option is available from the Settings > Export and Import Settings tab.
Toast notifications If users are in the Windows 8 UI, users can be notified via Toast Notifications of important Intel SBA events.
Software Monitor enhancements Software Monitor now automatically monitors the Intel SBA service. If malicious software stops this service, this is presented by a balloon message and Alert Center next time the service is started.
Intel® Smart Connect This application lets users keep their email and other Internet applications automatically updated with content, even when the computer is asleep. If the Intel Smart Connect software is installed on the computer, it can be configured from Intel SBA.
Intel® Connect Center This application lets users quickly discover and connect with people and devices in their local wireless and wired neighborhood. The user can wirelessly connect and chat with multiple users, transfer files, and launch a personal hotspot to share Internet access. If the Intel Connect Center software is installed, it can be configured from Intel SBA.

Version 1.1
Released October 2012

Feature Description
Support for both Windows 8 and Windows 7 The version 1.1 release of Intel SBA was validated on these operating systems:
  • Windows 8 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Windows 7 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit
Windows File History On the Windows 8 operating system, Windows File History replaces the “Backup and Restore” application that was included in Windows 7.
Alert state shown in carousel/grid icons If an event that the Warning or Error status occurs, the symbol representing the status is now shown on the icon of the application. When the issue has been resolved, or the user selects to ignore it, the symbol is removed from the icon.
New Repair Center A new Repair Center window was added to the user interface. The Repair Center shows all Alert Center events for which Intel SBA can take some type of action to try and resolve the issue.
Support for Windows Defender* In Windows 8, Software Monitor now supports Windows Defender. This application was added as a default application that the user can select to monitor. Applies to Windows 8 only.
Localization Help Files Localized.
Improvements to support log files These log files are now activated automatically.
Business ID If you have an Intel technology provider business ID, you now have the option to set the ID in each computer that you distribute with Intel SBA.