Issues with Gaming Bundle Master Key or Specific Software Title Code


Error Messages



When your Gaming Bundle Master Key shows invalid, when your PROMO CODE is temporarily unavailable, or if your code does not work for software titles, follow these steps for a new Master Key or new code for software titles:

  • Are you using the correct URL for your Intel® Game Bundle or Intel® Software Bundle? This URL can be found on your Master Key printed voucher or in the Master Key delivery email.
  • Are you using a supported website browser? Gaming Bundle Master Key or Specific Software Title Code supports Internet Explorer 10* and above, and the most recent versions of Google Chrome*, Safari*, and Firefox*.
  • Is the Master Key entered correctly? Make sure there are no spaces before the first character of the Master Key.

If you have completed these steps without success, you can reach us through this support link

Have the following information ready to provide to the support agent:

  • URL used to access Master Key
  • Where the processor or system was purchased
  • Receipt with a valid Master Key

If you are facing issues with a specific software title code, have the following information ready:

  • Software promotion offer
  • Gaming software and code title