Network Connection is Intermittent with the Intel® Remote Keyboard





Review your wireless router placement and bandwidth consumption

If the connection disconnects frequently or is unresponsive, your Wi-Fi signal might be too weak, or the location of your wireless router is not ideal. Turn off any applications or devices that are creating heavy traffic on the network, such as file or media sharing applications and devices.

Connect your computer to your router using a wired Ethernet LAN card

To reduce wireless interference, you can connect your computer directly to your router via an Ethernet cable (RJ-45 port). Having the computer hard-wired to the router can free wireless bandwidth and reduce latency to provide a better user experience with the Intel® Remote Keyboard.

Change the operating channel for your wireless router

Most routers are configured to automatically and dynamically switch wireless frequency channels by default. If your router is operating on an overloaded frequency range, you might experience interference from other nearby wireless routers. You can also experience disconnects when your router changes channels sporadically. In this case, it helps to turn off automatic channel selection entirely and choose a free channel to avoid interference with other routers.

Consider updating the firmware for your wireless router

Some 802.11n (draft-N) routers have difficulty maintaining a connection with Wireless-N mobile devices. Updating the firmware on your router can resolve spotty connectivity issues. If updating the firmware doesn’t resolve the issue, consider switching to a compatible 802.11n router.