Cannot Pair the Intel® Remote Keyboard with Computer





Download and install the latest Intel® Remote Keyboard Mobile App and Host App.
The Intel Remote Keyboard Mobile App can’t connect to a mismatching version. Keep both the Mobile App and Host App up to date by downloading and installing the latest versions.

Make sure the clocks on your computer and mobile device are set to current date and time

If your date and time are incorrectly set, Intel Remote Keyboard can’t authenticate the data encryption certificates that are needed to create a secure pairing. This issue causes the pairing process to fail immediately. You must reinstall the Mobile App and Host App to regenerate the authorization certificates.

Scan the QR code image properly, as shown in the Pairing and Authentication example

Scan the QR code with your mobile device by aligning the coded image well inside the bounds of the red scanning region. Keep your hand still and avoid shearing, scanning the coded image with a straight, head-on angle. Do not scan too close or too far from the computer display.

Use the Forget All Devices option on your Intel Remote Keyboard Host and Mobile Apps to clear the pairing history

Clearing the pairing history can resolve problems that are related to data corruption issues.

Verify that another mobile device is not currently paired with your computer

Intel Remote Keyboard does not currently support simultaneous pairing from multiple mobile devices.