Computer is Not on the Device List in the Intel® Remote Keyboard Mobile App





Make sure your computer and mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If your mobile device is on a different network than your PC, the PC isn’t discoverable by the Intel® Remote Keyboard Mobile App.

Enable incoming traffic permissions for third-party firewall software

Third-party firewall or Internet security software, such as McAfee® AntiVirus, Symantec Norton*, or AVG* can block the keyboard Host App from advertising itself on the network. See the documentation for your security software on how to enable permissions for incoming traffic for specific Windows* applications.

Enable mDNS packet routing and disable network isolation features on your network router

The Intel Remote Keyboard Host App operates by sending discovery packets across networks using the mDNS protocol standard. Some routers can disable the forwarding of mDNS packets on the network. Check your router settings to make sure that mDNS forwarding is allowed. If network isolation is enabled, different devices on the same network can’t communicate with each other. Change this setting so that the Intel Remote Keyboard can operate.