Spares, Parts List, and Configuration Guide for the Intel® Server Board S1200SP, Intel® Server Chassis P4000S, and Intel® Server System R1000SPO Product Families


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Spares, Parts List, and Configuration Guide (PDF) icon
This document is a reference guide for when you order components to configure products for the:

  • Intel® Server Board S1200SP Product Family
  • Intel® Server Chassis P4000S Product Family
  • Intel® Server System R1000SPO Product Family
Note Printed page 35 clarifies use of the FUPSESK Electrical, Chassis, Spares Maintenance Kit. When used with the Intel® Server Board S1200SP Family, as long as the chassis model belongs to the Intel® Server Chassis P4000S family, all of the package contents will fit and work.


Size: 2.43 MB
Date: September 2018
Revision: 2.1

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