Wireless Keyboard or Mouse Has a Limited Connection Range





What are you seeing?

Wireless keyboard or mouse has a short connection range to the Intel® NUC or Intel® Compute Stick. The keyboard or mouse loses connectivity when moved more than a few feet away from the computer.

Why are you seeing it?

Radio interference (noise) on the 2.4 GHz ISM band can affect connectivity between USB 3.0 ports and wireless devices, like keyboards and mice.

How to fix it

  • Experiment with the placement of the wireless receiver dongle. Try to position it away from the USB 3.0 ports on the computer. Placing the wireless dongle away from the USB 3.0 ports can reduce the impact of noise, even though it does not eliminate it completely.
  • Consider connecting the wireless dongle to a USB extension cable or hub, which is placed away from the computer. 


The following white paper includes more detailed information about this radio interference issue.

USB 3.0* Radio Frequency Interference (PDF) icon
Size: 990 KB
Date: April 2012