Using Bluetooth* Keyboards During POST and in BIOS Setup for Intel® Compute Sticks


Install & Setup



Intel® Compute Stick BIOS version 0028 has a new beta feature: support for Bluetooth* keyboards during POST and within BIOS Setup. To get this function, pair your Bluetooth keyboard with your Intel® Compute Stick at the BIOS level. This pairing process is separate from pairing after the operating system loads.

Pair a Bluetooth keyboard

After you update the BIOS to version 0028 or later, pair a Bluetooth keyboard with the Intel Compute Stick.

  1. Press and hold down the power button for three seconds, then release it.

  2. The Bluetooth pairing prompt displays for 10 seconds.

    Bluetooth pairing

  3. Press the pairing button on the Bluetooth keyboard while this prompt displays.

  4. After pairing is complete, the Power Button Menu displays, showing the Bluetooth connection status.

    Bluetooth connection status

You can now use the Bluetooth keyboard to press function keys:

  • During POST
  • On the Power Button Menu
  • Within BIOS Setup

After you pair a Bluetooth keyboard to an Intel® Compute Stick, you're prompted to press any key on the Bluetooth keyboard to reconnect upon reboot or power on.

Reconnect Bluetooth keyboard

Useful information

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The following Bluetooth keyboards have been tested

The following Bluetooth keyboards have been tested.

Keyboard Manufacturer Model Test Results
Aibo* KB-BT1280 Pass1
B&A* BT-101KB Pass1
i-rocks* BT-6460 Pass1
JHMELEC Technology Co., Ltd.* B84 Pass1, 2
K-Master* BT-101KB Pass
Logitech* K810 Fail 3
Logitech K480 Fail 3
Microsoft* Wedge Mobile Pass1
Perixx Computer GmbH* Periboard 805L Pass1
Rapoo* E6700 Pass1
VitalASC* 10KA Pass1

1 Bluetooth connectivity might be lost during POST when you restart the operating system (warm reboot). To resolve this issue, shut down the computer completely, then turn it back on.

2 Updating BIOS using the F7 key with this keyboard is slower than with other keyboards.

3 Bluetooth pairing appears in the Power Button Menu but fails to reconnect. Intel is investigating this issue.

To remove a paired Bluetooth keyboard
  1. Connect a USB wired or wireless keyboard to the Intel Compute Stick.
  2. Start the computer and press F2 when prompted to enter BIOS Setup.
  3. Use the arrow key on the keyboard to go to the Configuration page.
  4. Select Bluetooth Configuration, then Device List.
  5. Select the paired keyboard and the list and press Enter. The Device Removal dialog box appears.
  6. Press Y on the keyboard to remove the keyboard from the Device List.
  7. Press F10 to save and exit BIOS Setup.