Troubleshooting USB Issues on Intel® NUC





This page provides resources for troubleshooting USB issues related to your Intel® NUC.

What are you seeing? How to fix it
Your USB device doesn't make a complete connection when inserted into the front USB port on your Intel® NUC. USB Device Not Recognized When Plugged Into Front USB Ports on Intel® NUC

You can't proceed past the Language Select screen.

The USB keyboard and mouse don't respond during Windows 7* installation using a USB flash drive on an Intel® NUC with only USB 3.0 ports.
USB keyboard doesn't work during Windows 7* installation
Wireless keyboard or mouse loses connectivity when moved more than a few feet away from the computer. USB 3.0 radio frequency interference
You can't wake your Intel® NUC with a USB device. USB Device Doesn't Wake Up the Intel® NUC
When you connect a USB hard drive, you lose wireless network connectivity. USB 3.0 radio frequency interference
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