How to Verify Employment and Salary Information of an Intel Employee


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For internal requests (Intel Employees):  Simple Verification of Employment (VOE) letters can be requested in Workday; no salary information is included with VOE.

  • Launch Workday*
  • Click the Personal Information icon.
  • Click Verification of Employment (External Links menu).
  • Follow the instructions to submit your request (you may select a verification with or without your salary).
  • Go to your Workday Inbox to download your letter.

For external requests for employment verification, call (800) 367-5690 or contact The Work Number facilitated by Equifax Verification Services.

  • For verbal verification of employment, provide a social security number obtained directly from the employee.
  • For written verification of employment and salary/income information, provide the following:
    • Intel company code of #10976
    • Social security number (obtained directly from the employee)
    • Worldwide employee number (WWID obtained directly from the employee)
    • A salary key (obtained directly from the employee)