Technical Product Specification for Intel® Portable Cache Module AXXRPCM3


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This Technical Product Specification (TPS) provides detail to the architecture and feature set of the Intel® RAID Portable Cache Module AXXRPCM3.

This document specifies the key hardware components, firmware, and software utility requirements for the Intel® RAID Portable Cache Module AXXRPCM3. The Portable Cache Module is available as an accessory for the Intel® RAID Controller SRCSASJV to ensure data integrity for the RAID solution by ensuring that the data passing through the cache is written to the hard drives.

The target audience for this document is anyone wishing to obtain detailed technical information for the Portable Cache Module.

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File name: E20184_002_AXXRPCM3_TPS_R1_1.PDF
Size: 237,011 bytes
Date: August 2008
File Revision: 1.1

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