TA-741: HSC Backplane Programming Issue for Intel® Server Platform Platform SR1425BK1E





Intel discovered a hardware address conflict between the PXH component on the Intel® Server Board SE7221BK1-E and the Hot Swap Controller (HSC) on Intel 1U SATA and SCSI backplanes used with the Intel® Server Platform SR1425BK1-E.

The address conflict prevents the ability to update the HSC firmware located on the 1U SATA and SCSI backplane accessories as a result.

This issue does not affect the Intel® Server Board SE7221BK1-E as a stand-alone product nor does it affect the sever board when integrated with any other Intel or third-party chassis. This issue ONLY affects the Intel® Server Platform SR1425BK1-E, as the platform makes use of the 1U SATA and SCSI backplane accessories. Other Intel Server Platforms which make use of the same 1U backplane accessories are not affected by this issue.

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Date: December 2004
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