Fan Interposer Board Install Guide for Intel® Storage System SSR212MA


Install & Setup



The Intel® Storage System SSR212MA ships with a fan interposer board that connects the fans to the backplane. Fan interposer board installation instructions:

Prepare System:

  1. Read all caution and safety statements listed in this document before performing any of the steps. See the Intel® Server Boards and server chassis safety information document for a complete listing of all caution and safety statements.
    Before performing any maintenance on the system, back up the data. Follow the instructions in the Intel® Storage System SSR212MA software user guide for shutting down the system.
  2. Turn off all peripheral devices connected to the storage system. Turn off the storage system.
  3. Disconnect the AC power cord(s).
  4. Remove the fan interposer board from its protective packaging.

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Date: November 2005
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