ISO Store Directory Can Become Unavailable for Intel® Compute Module MFS2600KI/MFS5520VIR


Maintenance & Performance



The Cluster Share shares the ISO Store directory on the Modular Server. This pre-installed folder is reserved to hold software and data for use by virtual machines.

If the ISO Store mapping is no longer accessible from the client:

  1. Log into the CMM. If you cannot log into the CMM, check your network setup.
  2. Make sure at least one compute module is virtualized and powered on. At least one compute module must be virtualized and powered on to allow access to the ISO Store.
  3. Go to Settings > Virtualization > Cluster Share > Export Cluster Share > Disabled > Save Changes. After the changes are saved, set Export Cluster Share back to Enabled.
  4. Try from a different client.

If the ISO Store is accessible from the client, but the virtual machine errors with The installation media became unavailable:

  1. Ensure your client OS is on the Tested hardware and operating system list (THOL).
  2. Delete the existing ISO from the ISO Store, make a new drive mapping, and copy the ISO back to the ISO Store share.