User and Reference Guide for LSI* LSI20320IR SCSI Controller


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The Intel® Server Board S5000VSA SCSI SKU has an add-on LSI* LSI20320I-R SCSI Controller.

The guide below contains the quick reference guide for the LSI* LSI20320I-R.

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File name: 20320I-R revB.pdf
Size: 214,774 bytes
Date: December 2005

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Note The LSI20320I-R (I=Intel) and the LSI20320-R (branded/standard LSI) are two different cards, i.e., they are not considered to be interchangeable. The LSI20320-R is also not in the latest S5000VSA Tested Hardware and Operating List. The LSI 20320I-R bundled card is the RAID (0, 1, 1e only) card recommended for use with the Intel® Server Board S5000VSASCSI.