TA-771: Incorrect FRU Data Programmed on Intel Factory Integrated Platforms Based on Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2


Install & Setup



An issue was found with the FRU data loaded on to Intel factory integrated platforms based on the Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2.

Products affected

  • SR1400SYS
  • SR1400SYSNA
  • SR2400SYS
  • SR2400SYSNA
  • SR2400SYSD2
  • SR2400SYSD2NA

This issue does not affect board only SKUs of the Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2.

Technical Advisory 771 (PDF) PDF icon
File name: ta771.pdf
Size: 99.2 KB
Date: May 2005
Revision: TA-0771-01

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