TA-843: Western Digital* WD5000YS Drive Offline Issue for the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E


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An issue has been reported involving Western Digital* WD5000YS hard disk drives dropping offline in the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E. The system runs with no problems for a period of time and then one of the disk drives will drop offline. It can occur on any of the four possible disks contained within the chassis. If the system is running a RAID1, RAID10, or RAID5 configuration the data should continue to be accessible. If the disk is replaced, or removed and reinserted, the RAID will begin a rebuild process. In a RAID0 or Linear Raid configuration data may be lost.

Analysis has shown that the WD5000YS drive (firmware revision 07.02E07) will go into an unresponsive state for unknown reasons. The system is then unable to communicate with the drive or bring it back online and marks the disk as offline. The drive will remain in this state until its power is cycled, either by removing and reinserting the drive or by power cycling the system. The failure information has been forwarded to Western Digital for analysis. Western Digital agrees the source of the failure appears to be in the hard drive behavior. During investigation by Western Digital it was determined this issue affects the YS family of drives and the KS family of drives.

Western Digital has identified a resolution for this issue via a firmware fix for the disk drives. For more details on this corrective action, see the Technical Advisory below.

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Date: January 2007
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