Server Rack Cabinet Compatibility Guide for Intel® Server Chassis


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The Server Rack Cabinet Compatibility Guide is intended to provide guidance and clarification to both customers and Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) who seek compatibility with Intel® Server Chassis. This document provides you with a checklist and explanation of the critical IHV server rack cabinet attributes that are required for full compatibility with Intel Server Chassis and related accessory kits.

File name: Server_Rack_Cabinet_Compatibility_Guide_2 4.PDF
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Date: September 2005
Revision: 2.4

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Intel designs Intel® Server Chassis to be compatible with racks that are designed to the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) 310-D specifications. Therefore, not all IHV server rack cabinets are built to EIA-310-D specifications, so be sure and ask your cabinet manufacturer.

The same applies for the rail support for each Intel® Server System. 


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