TA-0929: Intel® Server System SR1530SH/SR1530HSH Does Not Power On When Power Button is Pressed


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Intel® Server System SR1530SH/SR1530HSH servers may not power on after the power button is pressed. LEDs on the server system Front Panel and the POST Code LEDs on the rear of the server system will not be lit.

What am I seeing?

The 3.3 V loading in some SR1530SH/SR1530HSH systems is lower than the power supply's minimum loading requirement. This causes a loading imbalance between the power supply 3.3V and 12V lines and triggers an OVP (over voltage protection) on the 3.3V line. This keeps the system power supply from powering on. This issue is known to only occur on a small percentage (less than 5%) of SR1530SH/SR1530HSH systems.

How to fix

Short Term Corrective Action: Intel will provide replacement power supplies to customers requesting them.
Long Term Corrective Action: The power supply is being modified to lower the 3.3V minimum loading requirement (from 1.2A to 0.2A) so the power supply will work with all SR1530SH/SR1530HSH systems without the loading imbalance issue.
To get replacement power supplies, contact Intel using your normal warranty process.

Indicate that you are calling regarding TA 0929-1, and have the following information when you call; the part number requested, and the serial number(s) for the system(s) or board(s) needing the replacement part.

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