Intel® Local Control Panel Installation Guide for the Intel® Server Chassis SC5299-E, SC5275-E, SC5300, SC5400


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This Intel® Local Control Panel (LCD) kit allows you to install an LCD display into your Intel® Server Chassis SC5300 Family, Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5275-E, Intel® Server Chassis SC5400 Family, or Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5299-E. This accessory kit is required to connect and install a Local Control Panel into your server.


Note For the Intel® Local Control Panel to function properly, you need an Intel® Management Module installed on your Intel® Server Board SE7520AF2/SE7520BD2/SE7520JR2. This requirement doesn't affect other Intel® Server Boards.

Intel® Local Control Panel Install Guide (PDF) icon
This guide contains the installation guide for the kit.

File name: C77420-002_LCDKit.pdf
Size: 1.09 MB
Date: May 2006
Revision: C77420-002

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