Drive Power Save Not Supported on Intel® RAID Controllers for Configured Drives


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Intel® RAID Controllers don't support drive power save (also known as Dimmer Switch) for configured drives. The feature is disabled because inconsistencies were seen with hard disk reaction times for power down and power up. This issue can be seen with the same hard disk models that just have different drive firmware levels.

Sometimes disks took too long to power up, and the result was a drive being marked as failed. The controller firmware was changed to disable the power save feature, even though the capability in some earlier version of BIOS or web console still shows.

Following full feature Intel RAID Controllers do support drive power save for Unconfigured and Hot Spare drives:

  • Intel® RAID Module RMSP3AD160F
  • Intel® RAID Module RMSP3CD080F
  • Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS3AC160
  • Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS3CC080
  • Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS3CC040
  • Intel® RAID Adapter RSP3TD160F
  • Intel® RAID Adapter RSP3DD080F
  • Intel® RAID Adapter RSP3MD088F
  • Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC040
  • Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC080
  • Intel® RAID Controller RS3MC044
  • Intel® RAID Controller RS3SC008