Windows* Can't Create or Detect a Partition


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What am I seeing?

Windows* can't create a partition or detect an existing one when using the onboard LSI* RAID controller.

Why am I seeing it?

A RAID volume is detected after loading the drivers from a USB flash drive, but you can't create or detect a partition.

You receive this error: Setup was unable to create a new partition or locate an existing partition

This error occurs only when the hard drives are set to RAID in the BIOS using the onboard LSI* RAID. This error doesn't occur when the hard drives are set to IDE in the BIOS. The operating system tries to create a partition on to the removable device connected to the LSI* RAID controller instead of the RAID volume. 

The error occurs when the RAID volume is not a part of the Boot options. When we try installing the operating system from bootable USB drive as the USB overrides the Boot priority. This can also be confirmed with a message during boot that 0 VD is handled by BIOS. 

How to fix it

Start from the Windows* installation CD / Bootable USB drive. Connect the removable devices,the bootable USB and the (USB flash drive, floppy, and so on) containing the RAID drivers and reboot the machine to BIOS set up.

  1. Check the boot priority, the RAID volume might be missing and the USB would be in the boot priority.
  2. If yes, change the hard disk order from pen drive to the RAID volume.
  3. Once the changes are made in BIOS reboot the machine by pressing F10.
  4. During boot you should get a message a 1 VD is handled by BIOS.
  5. Press F6 to manually select the bootable USB to load the OS installation during the boot.
  6. When Load driver displays, connect the removable device containing the RAID drivers.
  7. As soon as the driver is loaded, disconnect the removable device containing the RAID drivers.
  8. RAID volume should be detected and you should be able to make partition and OS installation should proceed.
Note This error may also occur when a system has media card readers installed. Either disable this option in the BIOS or disconnect the reader from the motherboard.


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