TA-977: SGPIO Cable Incompatibility with Some Intel® RAID Modules


Install & Setup



Intel has discovered the SGPIO cable compatibility issue between some modules and the backplane in the system or the chassis listed below.

The affected modules are Intel® SAS Entry Raid Module AXX4SASMOD, Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS2AF040, and Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS2LL040.

Without the SGPIO cable, the fault LED function on the backplane will not be supported on the RAID mode with the affected modules.

Contact Intel using your normal warranty process and provide the product code to obtain the SGPIO cable according to the system. Intel will provide you the correct cable based on the product code you provide.

Products affected

Product Product code MM#
Intel® Server System R1304BTLSHBN R1304BTLSHBN 911688
R1304BTLSHBNNA 907658
Intel® Server System P4304BTLSHCN P4304BTLSHCN 912775
P4304BTLSHCNNA 907886
Intel® Server Chassis P4304XXSHCN P4304XXSHCN 911765
P4304XXSHCNNA 907812

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Date: September 2011

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