Audible Alarm Definitions for Intel® RAID Controllers





The Intel® RAID Controller audible alarm beeps when a drive fails and also during a rebuild.

What are the different alarm beeps for drive failures?

  1. Degraded array: Short tone, one second on, one second off
    • Array has degraded, but no data has been lost.
  2. Failed array: Long tone, three seconds on, one second off
    • Array has failed, and high likelihood that data has been lost.
  3. Hot spare commissioned: Short tone, one second on, three seconds off

The drive failure tones repeat until:

  • The problem is corrected.
  • The alarm is silenced or disabled.

You can silence or disable the alarm:

  • On the controller’s properties page in the BIOS Console
  • By using the failed drive options pane in the Intel® RAID Web Console 2

For more information, refer to the Audible Alarm section (2.4.17) of the IT/IR, Integrated, Software Stack 3 User Guide.