Learn Which Drives, Virtual Disks, and Arrays Are Supported by Intel® RAID Controller RS2WC080/RS2WC040


Install & Setup



The Intel® RAID Controller RS2WC080 and RS2WC040 offer the following features:

  • Supports SAS/SATA devices at speeds up to 600 MB/second per port
  • Contains eight internal SAS/SATA ports (RS2WC080) or four internal ports (RS2WC040)
  • Supports up to 16 SAS/SATA II devices (drives) through expanders
  • Supports up to 64 virtual disks
  • Supports up to 16 arrays

For theses controllers a user can connect up to 64 physical drives, of which 16 drives can be in raid mode and the remaining drives would be in JBOD mode (native SAS drives). Of the 16 drives that can be in RAID mode, they can be part of 16 virtual drives.


  • Configure a RAID 0 on each of the 16 RAID drives
  • Configure all 16 drives in a single RAID 5 array
  • Configure 16 RAID 5 virtual drives across all 16 drives