Rail Kit and Cable Management Arm (CMA) Installation Guide for Intel® Server System SR1600UR/SR1625UR/SR2600UR/SR2626UR


Install & Setup



The Intel® Server System SR1600UR, SR1625UR, SR2600UR and SR2626UR supports the AXXHERAIL2 and AXXRACKARM2 as optional accessories that can be used to mount the chassis into a server rack.

Rail kit installation guide (AXXHERAIL2)
Cable management arm installation guide (AXXRACKARM2)

Rail kit installation guide (AXXHERAIL2)

  1. Install slide rail to rack

    Image depicting process for installing the slide rail to rack.

  2. Fully extend slides

    Image depicting the process to fully extend slides

  3. Install chassis server to slide

    Image depicting Riser card orientation and caution message: Place the raiser assembly upside down to avoid damage to the raiser card connector.

  4. Press release tab (1) and push system (2) into rack

    Image depicting removal of processor air duct

Cable management arm installation guide (AXXRACKARM2)

  1. Tie bar installation

    Depiction of tie bar installation

  2. CMA arm installation

    depiction of CMA arm installation