User Guide for Server Configuration Wizard (SCW) Utility


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The Server Configuration Wizard (SCW) is a combination of multiple utilities and data files that allow quick initial configuration of an Intel® Server.

The SCW utility is available on the Intel® Server Deployment Toolkit CD or Software & Drivers Section of each Server Board which can be used to boot the server. SCW is a DOS-based application, run from the CD's ROM-DOS, that gathers system information plus installation and configuration preferences, stores them to non-volatile memory, and then performs the Server Configuration. The Wizard will appear as a Windows-style GUI to help the user choose which options to configure from this tool.

SCW can also run in 'silent' mode using a previously saved server configuration file from removable media (formatted fat16).

SCW can:

  • Load FRUs and SDRs (Field Replaceable Units and Sensor Data Records)
  • Create startup diskette and installation diskettes for drivers
  • Allow utilities to be run separately by expert users
  • Set the:
    • System Asset Tag - LAN, Serial, and Advanced LAN Channels
    • OOB (Out of band) management settings - for Server Management without using the OS
    • Intel® Management Module (IMM) Advanced Features
    • User configurations for Advanced Features
    • BIOS System date and time Beyond date/time, SCW neither installs nor updates the BMC or BIOS
  • Help and error messages are provided throughout the process

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