Technical Product Specification for Intel® Server System SR2520SA


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The Intel® Server System SR2520SA is a 2U rack system capable of supporting up to six fixed or hot-plug 3.5-inch hard drives. The system is powered by either:

  • A fixed 2U 600-watt power supply that is cabled to the server board, hard drives, and CD-ROM drive.
  • A redundant 2U 600-watt power supply that powers the system through a power distribution board.

The server system supports either SATA or SAS technology using onboard Intel® Server Board S5000VSA controllers.

This Technical Product Specification (TPS) provides board-specific information about the features, functionality, and high-level architecture of the Intel® Server System SR2520SA.

See the Intel® Server Board S5000VSA Technical Product Specification for details about the server board subsystems, including the chipset, BIOS, and Server Management.

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Date: Jan 2011
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