Certain UEFI HII RAID Configuration Menus Can Cause System to Hang


Install & Setup



Human Interface Infrastructure (HII) is a text-based RAID configuration utility that runs in EFI and is accessed inside of system BIOS setup screen. This option has been added to the BIOS to allow customers to explore and become familiar with this new standard. Customers may still use the standard option ROM based utilities that can be accessed via the POST screen. Customers should be aware that when using the HII utility, certain HII RAID configuration menus can cause the system to hang.

  • The HII browser hangs when toggling between values in the Select Media Type option of Select Physical form
  • Intel HII hangs while selecting the HDD listed in Select Physical Disk Operations form

This issue can prevent users from creating RAID arrays during pre-OS installation with EFI Optimized Boot enabled.

The recommended workaround is for users to use the Legacy OpROM Utility for pre-OS configuration.

Customers are advised to use the sas3ircu CLI tool to configure the RAID volumes when EFI Optimized Boot is required—for example, when configuring bootable volumes greater than 2 TB.