How to Perform a BIOS Recovery for Intel® Compute Module MFS5520VIR


Install & Setup



Use this procedure to perform a BIOS recovery for the following reasons:

  • The CMM GUI shows “Unknown BIOS version”
  • The module does not respond after a BIOS update
  • The module does not boot
Note This only applies to the Intel® Compute Module MFS5520VIR.



  1. Download the BIOS recovery file for the product. Always check your current BIOS revision before downloading a recovery package.

  2. Extract all files to a temporary folder on your desktop and copy all files to the root of a flash drive (does not need to be bootable).

  3. Power off the compute module.

  4. Remove the compute module from the modular server system.

  5. Switch the BIOS recovery jumper (J9B9) to the ‘Boot from emergency BIOS’ position (pins 2-3).

    Details regarding the jumper ID and location can be obtained from the compute module Technical Product Specification and the Quick Start Guide at the following link:
    Technical product specifications

  6. Insert compute module back into the modular server system.

  7. Insert the recovery media into one of the compute modules USB ports.

  8. Power on the compute module (it may start by itself).

  9. The BIOS POST screen will appear displaying the progress and the system will automatically boot to the EFI SHELL.

  10. Startup.nsh file will execute automatically and initiate the BIOS update with the recovery BIOS capsule file.

    The message ‘BIOS has been updated successfully’ will display once the recovery process is complete.

  11. Power OFF the compute module.

  12. Remove the recovery media.

  13. Remove the compute module from the modular server system.

  14. Open the compute module cover.

  15. Move the BIOS Recovery jumper back to the normal operation (default) position covering pins 1 and 2.

  16. Insert the compute module into the Intel® Modular Server System.

  17. Power ON the compute module.