Software User Manual for Intel® Storage System SSR212MA


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This Intel® Storage System Software User Manual covers SAN/iQ software revisions earlier than version 6.6. Take a look at the Intel® Storage System SSR212MA Software User Manual that is for version 6.6 or later.

The Console is used to configure and manage storage volumes spanning clustered Storage System Modules (SSMs). After you have installed your SSMs and have installed the Console on the system administrator’s PC, you must take certain steps to prepare for creating storage clusters and volumes.

The Console is the storage administrator’s tool for:

  1. Configuring and managing the SSM
  2. Creating and managing clusters and volumes

This user manual provides instructions for installing the Console, configuring individual SSMs, as well as creating volumes that span a cluster of multiple SSMs. Topics in this manual include the following:

  • Installing the Console
  • Configuring individual SSMs by:
    • Configuring monitoring and reporting
  • Creating volumes that span a cluster of SSMs by:
    • Creating management groups and clusters
    • Creating volumes that span multiple SSMs
    • Controlling client access to volumes
    • Creating and using snapshots of volume


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Date: October 2006
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