Boxed Intel® Xeon® Processor Thermal Solution Sold Separately for Processors


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Note Information on this page is applicable for Intel® Xeon® Processors E3, E5, E7, and Legacy Intel® Xeon® Processors. Please check the applicable products at the bottom of this page.

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What are the differences between the Intel® Thermal Solution versions?

The boxed Intel® Xeon® Processor doesn't ship with a thermal solution included in the packaging. You're now responsible for purchasing a compatible thermal solution for the server or workstation system. Intel offers three versions of the Intel® Server Thermal Solution (sold separately). These versions are available through Intel Authorized Distributors.

  • STS100A (order code BXSTS100A) is a 2U heatsink with an attached fan. The fan can't be removed. This thermal solution supports Intel® Xeon® Processor up to 80 watts TDP (Thermal Design Power).
  • STS100P (order code BXSTS100P) is a 1U heatsink with no fan. This passive thermal solution is intended for 1U and 2U systems with airflow ducting. This thermal solution supports Intel® Xeon® Processor up to 95 watts TDP.
  • STS100C (order code BXSTS100C) is a 2U heatsink with an attached fan. You can remove the fan for 2U or higher passive requirements. Removal of two screws from the bottom of the heatsink will remove the fan. This thermal solution supports Intel® Xeon® Processor up to 130 watts TDP.

Intel® Thermal Solution STS100A

Intel® Thermal Solution STS100P

Intel® Thermal Solution STS100C


How do I determine which Intel® Thermal Solution is best for me?

Refer to the system and or chassis manufacturer to determine which thermal solution is recommended. Some systems and or chassis are sold with thermal solutions already provided. If the thermal solution is provided by the system or chassis manufacturer, use that thermal solution.

Use of third-party thermal solutions that didn't come with the system or chassis is allowed. Your responsibility is to confirm that the third-party thermal solution:

  • Meets or exceeds the thermal requirements of the Thermal/Mechanical Design Guideline
  • Can maintain the thermal specifications of the datasheet

You can find a list of known thermal solution supplies in the Appendix section of the Thermal/Mechanical Design Guide for the Intel® Xeon® Processor.

The Intel® Server Thermal Solution carries the same three-year limited warranty as the boxed processor.