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What is Intel® WiGig?

Intel® WiGig is also known as Intel® Wireless Gigabit. It’s a wireless technology that uses a 60 GHz band to deliver instant, seamless, high speed (up to 7 Gbps) wireless communication. Intel® WiGig offers two types of usages:

  • Intel® Wireless Docking replaces cables for devices like:
    • HD monitors
    • USB storage
    • Keyboards
    • Wired Ethernet connections
  • Intel® WiGig VR solution replaces cable between the head-mounted display (HMD) and the PC in the traditional VR system.

The IEEE 802.11ad standard fully describes Intel WiGig.

What can I do with Intel® WiGig?

There are two types of Intel® WiGig solution.

  • Intel® Wireless Docking allows you to wirelessly connect to all of your devices automatically when you sit down at your desk. Ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) don’t always support physical docking stations. Docking stations often require extra wires and accessories to connect to all your devices. 
  • Intel® WiGig VR solution allows your PC to connect wirelessly to the WiGig adapter on the head-mounted display (HMDA). 
Which Intel® products include Intel WiGig?

Following Intel® Wireless Adapters support Intel® WiGig.

Does Intel WiGig replace my wireless adapter?

While Intel WiGig doesn’t directly support wireless access to the Internet, Intel® Wireless Docking can support a wired Ethernet connection.

Is there an Intel® WiGig certification?

Intel WiGig products meet Wi-Fi Alliance certification requirements.

How does Intel® WiGig protect my data?

Intel WiGig employs a point-to-point connection. It transmits short-range to the wireless docking station. All data passed between the device and the dock/HMDA is protected with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit hardware encryption. User profiles save on the device, not the dock/HMDA.

Where can I get support for my product with Intel WiGig?

If This product is discontinued and no longer supported, Please check with the OEM for additional help.


For Intel® WiGig VR, contact your Head-Mounted Display WiGig Adapter (HMDA) manufacturer for initial support.

Can I add Intel® WiGig to my current computer?

For Intel® Wireless Docking, check with your computer manufacturer to find out if your computer can support Intel WiGig technology.

For Intel® WiGig VR, WiGig PCIe Adapter (WGA) can be inserted to a PCIe slot in your PC. Check with your VR HMD manufacturer for the recommended PC specification that supports Wireless VR. 


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