Technical Product Specification for the Intel® Server System SR1435VP2 and Intel® Server Board SE7320VP2


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This technical product specification (TPS) provides you with details for the architecture and feature set of the Intel® Server Board SE7320VP2 and Intel® Server Platform SR1435VP2.

The target audience for this document is anyone wanting to obtain more in-depth detail of the Intel® Server Board than what is generally made available in the board's user guide. It is a technical document meant to assist you with understanding and learning more about the specific features of the board.

Intel® Server Board SE7320VP2
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File name: SE7320VP2_TPS_2_1.pdf
Size: 1.11 MB
Date: October 2006
Revision: 2.1

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Information available in this technical product specification includes:

  • Introduction
  • Server Board Overview
  • Functional Architecture
  • System BIOS
  • Platform Management
  • Error Reporting and Handling
  • Connectors
  • Product Regulatory Compliance
  • Other Useful Information
  • Integration and Usage Tips
  • Glossary of Terms
  • List of Reference Documents
  • Supported Industry Specifications