Demo for Intel® RAID Products and Technologies


Install & Setup



This workshop is designed to provide the student with:

  • An understanding of the correct methods of measuring RAID performance
  • An understanding of the performance impact of RAID cache settings

This workshop contains the following labs:

  • Lab 1: Correct Methods of Measuring RAID Performance
  • Lab 2: Impact of Cache Settings on RAID Performance

The workshop package includes the Intel® Server RAID Q1 2009 boot camp training lab workbook material to demonstrate the lab progress. The estimated time to complete this workshop is 1 hour.

Please print out the lab workbook material and follow the online video to understand the background of the labs and practice the virtual lab online.


  1. To avoid any unexpected issue or misuse, the file ClearVD.bat and the file iometer.icf used in the boot camp training are not available for download.
  2. Although there is a quiz at the end of the video, no information will be saved locally, or reported back to Intel.