Safety and Regulatory Compliance Information for Intel® Server System 4600/2600/2400/1600 Families


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This document describes the following for Intel® Server Products:

  • Safety instructions for installation and assembly
  • Regulatory compliance information


Size: 2.68 MB
Date: November 2020
Revision: 1.9

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For the following and future products, refer to the Setup and Service Guide and Technical Product Specification for safety and regulatory Information.

  • Intel® Server D50TNP Family
  • Intel® Server M50CYP Family
  • Intel® Server D40AMP Family
  • Intel® Server Board M70KLP Family
  • Intel® Server System S9200WK Product Family
  • Intel® Server Board S2600WF Family
  • Intel® Server Board S2600BP Family
  • Intel® Server Board S2600ST Family
  • Intel® Server System M20MYP Family