Discover If Intel Offers IPv6 Version of PXE


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UEFI drivers compatible with IPv6
Intel® Ethernet UEFI drivers are compatible with IPv6 and remote boot solutions using UEFI such as iSCSI and PXE. Use the latest UEFI driver to ensure IPv6 compatibility.

Intel® Boot Agent for legacy BIOS
Systems with legacy BIOS can continue to use Intel® Boot Agent. Intel Boot Agent is compliant to PXE standard version 2.1, which is defined as part of the IPv4 protocol suite. Intel has no plans to update Intel® Boot Agent for IPv6.

Can I use Intel® Boot Agent on my IPv6 network?
Yes. Although Intel® Boot Agent uses IPv4, you can use both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols on the same network.

Note Intel Boot Agent features are included as part of the Intel® Ethernet Connections Boot Utility, bootutil.