How to Transfer Intel® Deployment Assistant ISO Image to Bootable USB Device


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Information on how the Intel® Deployment Assistant ISO image is transferred to a bootable USB device by running a script under Linux*.

What are the requirements?

  • Intel® Deployment Assistant ISO image for the supported Intel® Server Board or Intel® Server System
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 4.0 system
  • script from the CD
  • A USB device that is sized 350MB or more

What steps do I take to complete the image transfer?

  1. Place the iso image and the onto the Linux* system.
  2. Run the following command to make the script executable: # chmod +x
  3. Connect the USB key to the system. Do not mount any of its partitions.
  4. Run the fdisk –l command to ensure the disk is detected by Linux.
  5. Type the following command to make the USB key bootable containing the Intel® Deployment Assistant only:
# ./ <ISO file name> <usb_partition> (example: # ./ /root/S5000XVN_D55595-006.iso /dev/sda1)
Assumes the following conditions:
  • iso image file name is S5000XVN_D55595-006.
  • USB device is at /dev/sda1.
The script takes around 4 to 5 minutes to complete the operation. Upon completion, the USB key will be ready.