Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Keyboard/Video/Mouse (rKVM)


Install & Setup



Can I use rKVM from behind a firewall?

Yes. The rKVM utility uses ports:
22 TCP
80 TCP
161 UDP
443 TCP
2201-2206 TCP
6241-6246 TCP
6341-6346 TCP
6371-6376 TCP
8071-8072 TCP
44371-44372 TCP
Your firewall documentation should contain instructions on port forwarding.

Why don't I see an option for remote KVM for my compute modules?

Early firmware did not have that option enabled. Update to the latest firmware update package.

What can I try, if the rKVM isn't working?

In order:

  1. Update to the latest firmware update package.
  2. If using Mozilla Firefox 2.0*, ensure you are using Sun Java Plugin 6.3*, or Java Runtime 1.6.0 (Microsoft Internet Explorer* uses ActiveX instead).
  3. If using Microsoft* Internet Explorer 7.0, try disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security. Configuration (IE ESC), add the IP address to the trusted zone, and set the security level to low.
  4. Try a different client browser. Microsoft* Internet Explorer 6.0 may allow functionality even when Internet Explorer 7.0 does not.
  5. Try a different client OS. Microsoft Windows XP* may allow functionality when Microsoft Vista* does not.

Does Microsoft Internet Explorer 8* work with the GUI and the CMM?

The MPECS Inc. Blog from January 2, 2010 recommends lowering the security settings to getting the KVM to work. Clicking various options may cause other issues.