Hardware and Software Requirements for Intel® Server Boards Using Intel® Xeon® Processor 5300


Install & Setup



Support for the Intel® Xeon® Processor 5300 Series requires specific hardware and software requirements to be used on the following Intel® Server Boards/Platforms.


Note Updating the software firmware package (BIOS/BMC/FRUSDR) from a previous version other than what is stated below is a two-step process. Depending on the tool being used, the DOS firmware update package or the Intel® Deployment Assistant or One Flash Update Package should be ran first, and then the stand-alone FRUSDR package should immediately be ran to successfully complete the update process.


Intel® Server Board/Platform Printed Board Assembly (PBA) # Material Master (MM)# Required Minimum Software (BIOS/Firmware) DOS Firmware Update Package Intel® Deployment Assistant or One Flash Update Package Stand-alone FRUSDR Package
S5000PSL - SATA SKU D44771-803 or later 886032 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR40a      
S5000PSL - SAS SKU D44749-803 or later 886036 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR40a      
S5000PSL - ROMB SKU D44771-803 or later 886037 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR40a      
S5000XSL D16310-803 or later 886319 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR40a      
S5000XVN - SATA SKU D37261-801 or later 886040 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR40a      
S5000XVN - SAS SKU D25028-801 or later 886042 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR40a      
SC5400RA Production Boards 877842 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR40a      
S5000VSA - SATA SKU D29137-712 or later 885885 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR35a      
S5000VSA - SAS SKU D57587-712 or later 886310 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR35a      
S5000VSA - 4DIMM SKU D52032-712 or later 885886 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR35a      
S5000VSA - SCSI SKU D29137-712 or later 885888 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR35a      
S5000PAL* D13607-801 or later 885478 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR38a      
S5000XAL D46952-801 or later 885479 BIOS66; BMC55; FRUSDR38a      
S5000VCL D41874-502 or later
-502 was first release version of S5000VCL
883249 BIOS101; BMC64; FRUSDR18     No stand-alone FRUSDR package


Please refer to TA-845 for help updating BIOS and firmware.