How to Clear the CMOS on the Intel® Entry Server Board SE7230NH1-E


Install & Setup



The CMOS clear process on the Intel® Entry Server Board SE7230NH1-E and on the Intel® Server Platform SR1475NH1-E differs from other Intel® Server Boards.

To clear the CMOS on these products, use the following steps:

  • Shut down the server and disconnect the AC power cord from the main socket.
  • Open the chassis and move the CMOS clear jumper from the normal operation position, at pins 1 and 2 to the CMOS clear position, covering pins 2 and 3 as indicated in the following diagram:


CMOS clear jumper

  • Reconnect the AC power cord to the socket and leave the system for a few seconds. The standby power delivered to the system at this stage will clear the CMOS.
  • Remove the AC power cord from the socket.
  • Move the CMOS clear jumper to its original position on pins 1 and 2 (see above).
  • Close the server chassis, reconnect the power and boot your system.

Important safety information: Please always disconnect from the main power whilst working on an open system.