Critical Interrupt/PCIe* Link, Bus Uncorrectable Error for Boards and Kits


Maintenance & Performance



If you are using any add-in RAID card, you may see the error in your System Event Log (SEL), possibly accompanied by System Firmware Error (POST Error). POST Code: A5A4.

To resolve this issue, clear the SEL, then perform a CMOS Clear.

CMOS Clear Procedure:

  1. Power down the server; do not remove AC power.
  2. Open the server and move the jumper from the default operating position (pins1-2) to the clear position (pins 2-3).
  3. Wait 5 seconds.
  4. Move the jumper back to the default position (pins 1-2).
  5. Close the server system and power up the server.
  6. CMOS is now cleared and can be reset by going into the BIOS setup.