Maximum Logical Drive Capacity Supported on SAS Intel® RAID Controllers


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Which products use two 64-bit memory?

These products currently use two 64-bit memory:

  • SAS Intel® RAID Controllers or embedded controllers in Intel® Server Board 5000 series
  • Intel® Server Boards S3200/S3210
  • Intel® Server Boards with the Intel® X38 Express Chipset

What does this memory enable me to do?

This memory provides for the capability of supporting greater than 2 terabytes logical drive capacity (up to 16 Exabytes).

For example, with SAS controllers you could have 10 terabytes of physical disks configured in an array and have one 10-terabyte logical drive.

What if my operating system doesn't support this size?

With logical drive capacities this large, not all operating systems may support these sizes. Contact your operating system vendor to determine the logical (raw) drive size supported by your operating system. Controller hardware can limit the maximum physical drive capacity supported by Intel® Server Boards or Intel® RAID Controllers.

Intel® RAID Controller Supported Logical Drive Capacity
Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II <= 2 terabytes
LSI 1068 <= 2 terabytes
LSI 1078 <= 2 terabytes
LSI 2108 and 2008 > 2 terabytes
LSI 2208 and 2308 > 2 terabytes
LSI 3008 > 2 terabytes
LSI 3108 > 2 terabytes


  • Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II is server board host-based RAID that uses the chipset, processors, and memory of the server board to provide RAID modes 0, 1, and 10. RAID 5 is available with an optional Intel® RAID Activation Key AXXRAKSW5.
  • The Intel® RAID Controllers SRCSATAWB and RT3WB080 are SATA only Intel RAID Controllers, but they have the same maximum logical drive capacity.