RAID Array Rebuild Doesn't Start on Removal and Reinsertion of the Hard Drive





What am I seeing?

The Intel® RAID Controller is designed to prevent the reinsertion of a drive that has previously failed.

As a result, the Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) rebuilding process doesn't start if the same hard drive is removed from the RAID array and subsequently reinserted (for example, for testing purposes). In order to start a RAID rebuild, a hard drive must be inserted, which hasn't been removed from this RAID array before.

If the same hard disk is reinserted into a RAID array on the Intel® RAID Controller, this action triggers a Foreign Configuration Error, and the hard disk is marked as unconfigured bad rather than reporting the array status as online/rebuilding.

How to fix it.

To work around this error, reboot the server after reinserting the previously removed hard drive.

  1. Enter the RAID BIOS by pressing <Ctrl>+<G>.
  2. Click the respective hard drive that is marked unconfigured bad.
  3. Select the Make Unconfigured Good option and select Go.
  4. On the bottom-right area of the RAID BIOS screen, select the Replace Missing PD option and select Go.

After these two options have been selected, the option to rebuild the RAID array is available.

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