Product Features for Intel® Server Board S5000PAL


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Feature Description
Processors 771-pin LGA sockets supporting 1 or 2 Intel® Xeon® Processors 5000 Sequence, with system bus speeds of 667 MHz, 1066 MHz, or 1333 MHz
Memory 8 Keyed DIMM slots supporting fully buffered DIMM technology (FBDIMM) memory. 240-pin DDR2-533 and DDR2-677 FBDIMMs must be used.
Chipset Intel® 5000 chipset family which includes the following components:
  • Intel® 5000P Memory Controller Hub (MCH)
  • Intel ESB2-E I/O Controller
Note Intel will make available an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) SKU of this Intel® Server Board using the Intel® 5000X Memory Controller Hub (MCH).
On-board Connectors/Headers External connections:
  • Stacked PS/2* ports for keyboard and mouse
  • RJ45 Serial B port
  • Two RJ45 NIC connectors for 10/100/1000 Mb connections
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • Video Connector

Internal connectors/headers:

  • One USB port header, capable of providing two USB 2.0 ports
  • One DH10 Serial A header
  • Six SATA ports via ESB2 supporting 3Gb/s and integrated SW RAID 0/1 support
  • One 44pin (power + I/O) ATA/100 connector for optical drive support
  • One Intel® Remote Management Module (RMM) connector (RMM use is optional)

One I/O Module Connector supporting:

  • Dual GB NIC I/O Module (Optional)
  • External SAS Module (Optional)
  • SSI-compliant 24-pin control panel header
  • SSI-compliant 24-pin main power connector, supporting the ATX-12V standard on the first 20 pins
  • 8-Pin +12V Processor Power Connector
Add-in PCI, PCI-X*, PCI Express* Cards
  • One low profile riser slot supporting 1U or 2U PCIe* riser cards
  • One Full-height riser slot supporting 1U or 2U PCI-X* and PCIe riser cards
On-board Video ATI* ES1000 video controller with 16MB DDR SDRAM
On-board Hard Drive Controller
  • Six ESB2 3Gb/s SATA ports
  • Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II with SW RAID levels 0/1/10
  • Optional support for driver-based RAID 5 (requires Intel® RAID Activation Key AXXRAKSW5)
    1See note below
LAN Two 10/100/1000 Intel® 82563EB Gigabit Ethernet PHYs supporting Intel® I/O Acceleration Technology (Intel® I/OAT)
System Fans Six 4-pin Fan Headers supporting two processor fans, and four system fans
System Management Support for Intel® System Management Software and the Intel® Remote Management Module


1Note Adds optional driver-based RAID 5 capability to on-board SATA ports or SAS backplane in SR1500 chassis only. (Note: not compatible with SAS midplane for SR1550/SR2500).


Optimized for the following chassis:

  • Intel® Server Chassis SR2500
  • Intel® Server Chassis SR1500
  • Intel® Server Chassis SR1550