Install Intel® Wireless Dock Manager


Install & Setup




Contact your Wireless Docking Manufacturer for the Intel® Wireless Dock Manager Software.

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First-time installation
  1. Download the Intel Wireless Dock Manager software.
  2. Select the checkbox to agree to the EULA. Then click Install.

agree to EULA

The software begins installing.

installation in progress

Installation is complete.

Repair, modify, or uninstall
  1. From the Control Panel, select Programs and Features.
  2. Select Intel Wireless Dock Manager.
    install dock manager
  3. Select an option.

If you click Uninstall, click Save Settings to save your current settings if you plan to reinstall the software.

Uninstall dock manager

If you select Modify, click Disconnect and repair, or Disconnect and uninstall.

  • Selecting Disconnect and repair can require you to reboot the computer.
  • Selecting Disconnect and uninstall allows you to save or discard settings.
    Intel® Wireless Dock Manager
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