Graphics Adapters, Splitters, and Hubs for Intel® NUC products


Install & Setup



The table lists tested graphics adapters you can use with Intel® NUC products.

Manufacturer Adapter model (part number)
Amazon Basics High-speed A to C type, HDMI to mini-HDMI cable with Ethernet (B003ES5ZR8)
EVGA 1.2A Multi-Stream DisplayPort hub (200-DP-1301-L1)
NVIDIA DVI to HDMI adapter (04G460002450) Mini DisplayPort to HDMI active adapter (MDP2HDS) Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter (MDP2VGA) Mini HDMI to Standard HDMI adapter cable (HDACFM5IN)


The table lists the supported graphics modes when using DisplayPort* and HDMI splitters with Intel NUC products.

Type Manufacturer Splitter model (part number) Clone mode Collage mode
DisplayPort splitter SUNIX DisplayPort to dual DisplayPort graphics splitter (DPD2001) Yes No
DisplayPort splitter UltraAV DisplayPort to DisplayPort multi-monitor adapter (K088B-001B) No Yes
HDMI splitter Generic HDMI splitter (1 to 2) premium splitter cable (B000FMJLQC) Yes No
HDMI splitter Etekcity 1x2 HDMI splitter (X000J3FWBV) Yes No
HDMI splitter Sewell Direct HDMI splitter (SW-23500) Yes No
HDMI splitter J-Tech Digital HDMI splitter (B008D66RAU) Yes No
HDMI splitter Portta 1x2 HDMI splitter (4897040980494) Yes No


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